At WEBCOS, we use technology to analyze data.
We provide accurate web consulting services by making decisions based on facts, not just experience.

Web marketing with a focus on SEO

Using our own partner network, we constantly check Google's algorithm trends. In addition to conventional SEO measures, we also conduct research from the user's perspective to determine what is happening in the search market and improve the site. In addition to SEO, we maximize advertising performance by combining all kinds of promotional activities such as ppc, banner ads, video, and outdoor advertising.

Website planning and creation

We believe that the "search experience" after a user visits a website is an important factor in today's SEO. In order to maximize SEO, it is important to improve the site itself and increase its effectiveness. We offer website consulting and site creation that is strong in SEO.

Data Analysis Marketing

Data analysis is essential for planning and producing content that is valuable to users. By understanding the needs of potential customers and prospective customers, and reflecting them on your website, you will be able to give back to your business. We believe that the seeds for improvement lie not only in conventional research based on search keywords, but also in the "voices on the ground" of our clients. We will then propose ways to incorporate the analysis results into your corporate policies.