WEBCOS Inc. supports the "Women Empower" initiative.

WEBCOS Inc. supports the "Women Empower" initiative.

Currently, there are about 20 supporting companies and about 140 supporting companies registered with "Women Empower", and they are working towards a society where women's activities are taken for granted.

As the term "diversity" becomes more widespread, we will continue to make preparations to create an environment where female employees can work more comfortably, albeit gradually.

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What is "Women Empower"?

The "Women's Empower Supporting Companies" (formerly known as "companies where mothers can work comfortably"), which was released in 2016, focuses on companies that are making efforts to create a system that allows women to work comfortably and a management foundation that allows diverse human resources to be utilized. At the same time, as a team that is sympathetic to efforts to create a society in which women, including those who have raised children, are active in the workforce as a matter of course, we will conduct and submit questionnaires on the actual situation and make proposals to the Cabinet Office on measures that are frequently voiced.



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